Maintenance and Customization
EZ-Hem Bottoms
We refer to our pant bottoms as EZ-Hem because the side leg zippers stop six inches short from the bottom hem. One of the most difficult and costly alteration for a seamstress or tailor to perform is to remove, shorten, and replace zippers. With our finishing method this is not necessary and an alteration fee is minimal – should run about $15 to $30 max. Be sure you’re fitted for length in a seated position and to utilize the do it yourself adjustable knee protector positions.

Keeping Your Gear Water Tight
Ranger jacket and Odyssey one piece suit – This gear offers the best combination of water-proofing and venting in the market period. The un-biased rider testimonials posted to our web-site will attest to this. We hope you’ll take the time to check them out. We do our best to make our gear as water tight as possible but experienced touring riders will tell you nothing is 100% waterproof at high speed in extreme downpours for prolonged periods of time. That being said, here are a few tips to help you keep this gear as water tight as possible….
This gear has a water resistant acrylic coating on the backside of the out shell, and a water-proof breathable membrane sewn in under the shell to keep you dry. If the shell becomes over saturated, water can penetrate and get trapped between the shell and membrane. In very extreme conditions, moisture could eventually seep into stitch holes at the interior seams that house the water tight zippers. For this reason, it’s recommended you spray the entire out shell every few months for added water protection. Take special care when spraying the areas around the rubberized chest and arm zipper vents. Be sure that the chest and arm adjuster straps are not pulled too tightly when in a closed position as this can create gaps in the vent zippers resulting in possible water penetration. It’s most important that all zipper vents are carefully covered by the chest pocket and overhanging arm and back flaps. The main center front zipper is covered with a double storm flap system that must be lapped over smoothly. You’ll note that the inside exterior storm flap has a folded edge that creates a rain gutter barrier. This flap must retain its folded edge and completely cover the front zipper in order to be effective.
Men’s Ranger and Women’s Promax pants – Like our Ranger jackets this gear utilizes a water-proof breathable membrane under an acrylic coated out shell to keep you dry. It’s highly recommended that you coat the out shell with 3M Scotchguard spray for added water proof protection. It’s also essential that the V shaped interior front fly gusset be lapped over smoothly before zipping up the trousers. The side leg zippers are covered with a double storm flap system that must also lap over smoothly. Note that the bottom storm flap has a folded edge that creates a rain gutter barrier. This flap must retain its folded edge and completely cover the zippers to be effective.
Waterproof liners for Airglide jacket and pants, Switchback jacket, Dakar jacket, Nomad jacket, MotoQuest jacket and MotoQuest pant – The shell fabric for these liners has a waterproof/breathable coating on the back side and the interior seams are covers with seam seal tape. As these liners are worn under the main garment shells they receive less direct contact when riding through bad weather. This being said, a light coating of 3M Scotchguard a couple of times a year will help insure you stay extra dry.
Electrical cord passage for Odyssey one piece suit
In an effort to keep this suit as water tight as possible, we elected not to puncture the out shell or membrane. Many riders have made a small incision through the membrane and pocket lining at the hip area and run their cords out the side entry zipper pocket.
Does OMS offer Custom, Tall or Short Sizing?
Note that OMS gear is sized to fit Americans and offers more adjustability than any other brand in the market. Shorter riders can utilize our Velcro cuff closures to push sleeve lengths into a better riding position. They’ll also find that our EZ-Hem pant bottoms and do it yourself adjustable height knee protectors offer them a more customized fit. Tall riders will appreciate the fact that our jackets are cut with generous sleeve and inseam lengths. We also offer extra Cordura fabric at no charge for those who need to add extra length to their trousers. This is a simple and economical operation for your local cleaners or tailor to perform as our hemming method eliminates the expensive and labor intensive process of adjusting side leg zipper lengths. We’d love to offer custom sizing but our factory requires we cut 300 pc per unit for all orders. As we grow we hope demand grows to the point where we can cover these minimums.
Does Olympia Offer a Repair or Alteration Service?
OMS will repair or replace any defective gear as covered under our one year warranty. See the bottom of our “About Us” section for all details. If a rider is responsible for damage due to excessive abuse or an unfortunate get off, the gear will need to be repaired by their local tailor, seamstress or dry cleaner. Alterations should always be done locally to ensure a proper fit. 
Offers and Services
MSF Instructor Discounts
We offer a 10% discount to all qualified MSF instructors. Photo ID’s of your driver’s license and instructors card must be faxed or emailed to OMS for pre- approval. Arrangements for your discount will be made between OMS and your dealer prior to pick up of the gear. We extend a 10% discount to the dealer and they in turn extend a 10% discount to you. If you have no local stocking dealers in your area, OMS can ship you direct at 10% off our suggested MSRP.  
Does Olympia Moto Sports Ship Consumer Direct?
Due to an individual’s variance in height and weight distribution, it’s always best to try on riding gear before you purchase. We prefer to support our loyal dealer network and hope you feel the same. However, if you have no stocking dealers in your area or you have a dealer who does not have a particular item you’re looking for and is not willing to special order it for you, we can ship you direct. Visa or MC accepted. Shipments are made via Fed Ex and require a signature for receipt. Items can be returned or exchanged, provided we receive them back in as new condition with all tags in place. 
How to Purchase Our Products
Olympia Moto Sports apparel can be purchased through authorized motorcycle dealerships and accessory shops only. Use our Dealer Locator search tool to find your nearest dealer.  Can’t find a dealer in your area? Give us a call on our toll free number, (866) 473-4327 and we’ll be sure to get you suited up.
Warranty Info & MSRP
Olympia Moto Sports products are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials originating from the point of manufacture for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. Should a warranty claim arise, the consumer can return the product with proof of purchase to their dealer. The dealer will then return the item to OMS for claims evaluation. If Olympia deems the item to be defective it will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the consumer. Olympia Moto Sports will not be liable for damages or expenses arising from the direct or indirect use of their products except to repair or replace as covered under this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.
MSRP info: Manufacturers suggested retail prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed in this catalog do not include freight or handling charges. Olympia reserves the right to adjust pricing and product specifications without prior notice.