When it comes to rider safety and satisfaction, OMS gear can’t be beat. But don’t just take our word for it. The unbiased rider feedback below is a testament to the value, quality and function of our gear. You can view general comments below, or click any of the following links to hear what customers had to say about specific products. There’s one thing for sure: Ride with OMS and you’ll always stay AHEAD OF THE CURVE.

Being a safety conscious rider, I own a number of your products. Every one of them has impressed me with their quality, function, and details. I’m a big fan in particular of your hi-viz gear and your commitment to making it. No company could make stuff this good without a great deal of thought and care. There are no howevers or on-the-other-hands in this message – just straightforward thanks for making the finest collection of affordable, high-quality and well thought-out rider gear on the planet.
Don F. – Houston TX

I have owned your Stealth and Phantom one-piece suits for about 3 years. I just purchased your Renegade pant as well as your rain gear. I have been riding for 48 years. Your products are the best. Flexibility of fit, form, function and finish are all top notch. I have spoken with you guys on the phone 2 or 3 times with questions and your customer service is exemplary. You truly stand out among your competitors. Thank You.
Fred R – Cullman AL

Hello, Both my summer and winter gear are Olympia, and after a crash this weekend I’m taking the time to write you and thank you for making wonderful and protective gear. My life appreciates it. Because of your gear, I rode away with only bruises and no cuts or road rash of any sort. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to getting my next set of gear which I’ll be ordering this week. Again, I cannot thank you enough. Still riding (although will be on a new motorcycle)
Kate, Jersey City, NJ

Just a note to say thanks for making such useful products. My background as an early field tester for specialty outwear companies (Marmot, North Face and Patagonia) makes me unusually picky about what I spend my money on. To date, my wife and I have AST jackets and Promax /Ranger pants, Airglide jackets and pants and I also have the Bushwhacker Jacket. All jackets are in the Hi Viz color and have saved us from close encounters on numerous occasions. I have to comment on the overall excellent quality and workmanship I find in all the pieces of Olympia gear we own. All are well made and on par with the quality workmanship of the previous mentioned brands. Here in Western Colorado, the summers are blazing hot and the winters are typically cold and drizzly with some snow. With the two suits we have from Olympia, we are covered for our year-round excursions in attractive, protective and functional riding gear – all at a reasonable price that makes having the right gear for the expected temperatures right at hand. Thanks for your commitment to the sport and to keeping us safe while out having fun using your products.
Michael and Tammie S, Fruita, Colorado

I just wanted to thank you for making some of the best motorcycle gear I have ever seen. My father in law was in an accident this weekend, (of all things he hit a black bear) an if he wasn’t wearing your gear he wouldn’t be with us today. He cut the bear in half and flew 463 feet before sliding to a stop. He’s banged up but alive and it’s due to the fact he had his gear on. The police, doctors, EMT’s all said he wouldn’t have made it if he wasn’t wearing the gear. He does plan on riding again – can’t seem to keep him down. You make a great product, please keep it up. Thanks again for all you do.
Heidi E – Morgantown, WV

I was recently involved in an accident while riding my Kawasaki Voyager XII. Fortunately I was wearing a full face helmet, my Olympia tactical mesh pants and jacket, leather boots and quality riding gloves. It was hot that day and I didn’t feel like wearing all my gear. Sure glad I was. After sliding approximately 10 feet across the pavement, through the gravel the barrowpit and landing in a yard, I found that every piece of my safety equipment performed flawlessly. My helmet was destroyed but my Olympia riding gear sustained only one small scuff mark. I walked away from this with only a broken thumb, collar bone and two broken ribs. Pretty minor considering the violence involved. All of this explanation just to say thank you for such a great product.

Sweet Home, Or

I just wanted to write to say Thank You. I recently purchased a transition jacket and MotoQuest Guide pants, along with a Horizon rain jacket, as an upgrade to my previous Air Glide jacket and pants. I am loving the new gear. I recently completed a trip out through Colorado, from Wisconsin, and rode through all kinds of weather. 40 – 90 degree temps, sun, clouds, rain, and hail. My Olympia gear performed flawlessly in every condition.
Regards, Merle C, Waukesha, WI

I own AST and Airglide jackets, Ranger and Mesh-Tech pants, and even Olympia gloves. I have obviously found Olympia Moto Sport products to be topnotch in comfort, protection, and quality, and their sales and customer service is outstanding. I can’t wait to see what innovation in rider gear they come up with next. In short, when it comes to Olympia Moto Sports, I’m a believer!
Ron Davis – Contributing Editor, BMW Owners News