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I purchased Olympia Airglide pants and a Switchback jacket for my girlfriend. She really didn't believe in safety gear. Anyway, she eventually started wearing full safety gear. On Sunday 9/18/2016 she learned why it is a good idea. She wiped out on the Blue Ridge Parkway after failing to negotiate a curve. She walked away with only bruises and a cut on her arm after a horrific crash where the bike pitch poled and threw her. The armor in the clothing prevented a shattered knee, elbow, and shoulder. No road rash at all. Something cut through her jacket sleeve and left a cut that required 3 stitches. Other than that she walked away from the accident.  Thanks for making a quality and affordable product. She would still be in the hospital if she wasn't wearing Olympia riding clothing.

Jim W., Midlothian, VA


Just back from a 7,600 mile, 4 week motorcycle trip and wanted to let all of you know that the Switchback Mesh Tech jacket and Airglide pants were real game changers.

Only wish I had bought this gear years earlier. It handled just about everything that came up – super hot weather in New Mexico, rain in Oregon and cold weather over the Cascade Highway in Washington. The liners came in handy when I camped out in the Northwest. And I must say that the venting in the Mesh Tech gear is phenomenal. In fact I was surprised at how much more air went through the jacket compared to my BMW Airflow Jacket. I can tell a lot of thought and design went into this gear and it really shows when you’re on the road. Thanks again for designing such a wonderful product. It’s very much appreciated.

Greg G, Atlanta, GA



I was riding last year at Sturgis,  when I hit a deer head on going 55 mph. I did a roll and skidded down the highway on my side. I was on a Harley,  with your Olympia gear on and a full face helmet. I was wearing your Airglide jacket and pants. Never got a scratch on me. This is the second set of Airglide’s I have owned. I wear them no matter how it is. Thank you very much Olympia.

Jeff P., South New Berling, NY


I would like to express my sincere thanks for your company making such a quality product. I was recently involved in a fairly rough motorcycle accident and would undoubtedly be in much worse shape had it not been for my riding gear, which notably includes my Olympia Airglide 5 riding jacket.

I was cruising along in the left lane of a two way road, keeping with traffic at about 45-50 mph. I was keeping pace with the car slightly ahead of me in the right lane. All of a sudden, right as myself and another car were about to pass in front of a parking lot, a green pick-up truck came blasting into the road from behind a waiting white vehicle. He never looked, he never slowed down, he just went straight into the road, across the right lane, and directly into the left lane where I was. I had no good escape route and almost no time to react. Rather than plow into the side of the truck at 45-50 mph, I grabbed a handful of break and put the bike down.

I slid and rolled down the road for a bit after going down. By the grace of God and my riding gear, I walked away with a nasty, but repairable, broken collar bone. My gear prevented me from being absolutely shredded by the pavement. Every piece of equipment did its job. Of note, the Airglide 5 performed excellently. The armor in the jacket took much of the impact and the fabric/protective layers kept me safe during a fairly long slide and roll. I only received a small abrasion where the jacket road up a little during my slide. I am genuinely amazed at the jacket's performance.

As a well satisfied, and well protected, customer I felt the need to reach out and share my experience using your product in a real world scenario. I cannot speak highly enough of the Airglide 5 and have already begun to sing its praises to my friends that ride.

Ken C., Anchorage, Alaska


I was in the market to upgrade my gear so I looked into Olympia. I ride almost year-round and really needed something to vent out the summer heat of Atlanta, Georgia. After riding a few months waiting for the mid 90’s and those pop up thunderstorms, I was impressed with all the features of the Mesh Tech Air Glide jacket and pants. Olympia ensures everything is designed for the rider with different features all geared for comfort. I read on the website that owners design and test every product prior to going to market. I noticed immediately the premium Cordura fabric and 3m Scotchlite piping. I believe in being seen and my high-viz jacket really stands out day or night.

Thanks Olympia for a great quality product at an affordable price.

Mark H., Atlanta, GA


Just wanted to drop you a line regarding your hi-viz Airglide jacket. Thanks for creating a truly superb jacket at a reasonable price. I have 3 leather jackets, 2 vented and a mesh jacket from another manufacturer and I don’t wear anything else but your jacket, I love it. Everybody I ride with wants to know about this jacket, what’s it like, is it cool, where did I get it, etc. My girlfriend says it’s the coolest thing I own. I think it gets more attention than my new Royal Star. Keep up the good work.

Paul D, Lehi, UT


During the Memorial Day weekend I rode my motorcycle and made a few stops along the way. In a split second lapse of thinking, I took my jacket off and placed it on my seat. Before I could blink an eye, the arm sleeve made contact with my exhaust pipe instantly burning a significant size hole in the jacket’s outer shell. I was horrified & disgusted wondering how I could have made such a stupid mistake. The jacket cost me approx. $300 and was now compromised. When I returned home I found the tags that were attached to the jacket when I purchased it and the Olympia website was listed with a link to the Sales Dept. I sent them an e-mail asking if repair patches were available and almost immediately received a personal response from the company founder. Kevin Rhea explained that although they don’t market repair patches, if I described the coat and fabric color he would send me enough of the original material used during manufacturing AT NO CHARGE that any tailor could then repair my coat. I provided the specific jacket style & fabric color and within minutes received another e-mail advising that they were sending out the exact matching material THAT SAME DAY! I am so impressed with the compassion and direct intervention from the company founder…my jacket will be repaired with original material, all at no cost to me. I don’t know of many companies these days that stand behind their products the way Mr. Rhea does…This company will be my first choice for any future motorcycle apparel needs. Awesome motorcycle jacket in design & function and top notch customer service.

Dale S


I felt the need to write a quick note about the Olympia Airglide jacket and pants that I’ve recently purchased. I live in Ottawa, Canada and I am a new rider. I recently purchased a used V Strom and have begun touring the many back roads and rural areas that surround Ottawa. Not withstanding my cost conscious choice of motorcycle, I purchased an Airglide jacket and pants. They have been worth every penny. It has been an exceptionally cold spring in Ottawa and I have been kept warm and dry at near freezing temperatures. Your products feel like quality and are extremely functional. It is refreshing to be able to purchase equipment of such a standard in a consumer culture that feels increasingly cheap and chintzy.

Darrin B


I originally bought my Airglide pants and jacket based on great reviews and good value. Now that I have been using them for four-season riding (upper 20’s to 100’s) for almost 5 years, I can tell you that the design and build quality are fantastic. The removable liners are easy to carry along and do a great job of insulating and waterproofing. Even after 5 years of weekly riding, they both still look great and function as new. I have never hesitated to recommend the Airglide gear based on its high quality, versatility and reasonable price. Thanks for the great gear!

Jim B., Houston, TX


I have been wearing your Airglide suit for the past three of my last 47 years of motorcycle riding. I finally had my first accident in those 47 years of riding on my rather pristine 1978 BMW R100RS. Gent decided he just had to hit me with his pickup truck. Anyway, here I am typing this to thank you for your gear. After coming off the bike at about 30-35mph, taking a tumble, I started sliding on loose gravel for a distance of about 35 feet. I was wearing the jacket with insulation in place and pants without insulation and no other pants under them. I have a few scrapes where some gravel managed to get between the pants and my leg, an awful lot of black and blue marks, actually my doctor thought some of my black and blue marks had their own black and blue marks! You ABSOLUTELY cannot tell that this riding suit has saved my bacon. There is not a scratch on the gear. My helmet is scratched a bit, my body is scratched a bit, but the riding suit, as far as I can tell, did its job and reported back for duty. Whether I will ever wear it again remains to be seen, but I thank you with my life for the quality of your gear. Again, thanks for the suit!

Stu R


I am contacting you today to pass on a story about how your gear saved my life. Recently I was riding my Suzuki SV1000S on the highway while wearing my black Men’s Airglide jacket. I always wore this jacket when I rode because not only was it comfortable, stylish, and provided good ventilation, but it also made me feel protected should anything even happen to me while riding. The day of the accident I was cruising along at 55-60mph on my way to work. In an unfortunate chain of events, the car in front of me abruptly applied their brakes and I could not stop my bike in time. The bike went to the right into other lanes of traffic and I fell onto the shoulder where the barrier was. I tumbled, rolled, and slid over 50 ft (according to the police report) before coming to a complete stop. After a quick mental check of my body, I was able to stand up, walk to my bike in the highway, pick it up, and move off to the right shoulder. Amazingly, I walked away from this accident without any injuries. Needless to say, it did its job! I give full credit to the fact that I’m able to sit here and send you this e-mail to my trusty Airglide jacket. Thanks for making an amazing product and on behalf of my family, thanks for saving my life.

Will K, Maple Glen, PA


I recently got back from a year’s long trip – Asheville, NC to Ushuaia, Argentina and back. I just wanted to let you know that your Airglide jacket was one of the few pieces of gear that I never had to worry about. It did great through Mexican deserts, torrential rains in Central America, and the sleet/snow/rain I ran into in the Andes – all kinds of weather. You guys have a great system that kept me comfortable and feeling safe through it all. Now it’s time to get some gear for my wife and we’re going with Olympia. Thanks for a great and affordable product.

Dan P, Asheville, NC


I have owned an Airglide jacket for 4 years now and I really love it. I actually had an accident that involved me sliding about 40ft on my side and back on a paved road, not only did the jacket prevent serious injury but it’s built so well you can’t even tell where it contacted the road! One of the EMT’s even wanted to know where I got my jacket. Keep up the good work!

Mark H (Airglide Evangelist), Ottawa, ON


For our recent motorcycle trip through Mexico and Central America I needed a riding jacket to cover all the temperature ranges and provide safety in case we had an unscheduled “get off” on the Pan-American highway. The riding gear had to ventilate well for the extreme heat and humidity but still provide some kind of insulation layer from the cold. I picked an Olympia Air Glide jacket for the trip. It held up extremely well during weeks of riding in all kinds of weather. It resisted all the unbelievable road grime, smoke from garbage fires, diesel fumes, and exhaust from a million VW Beetle taxis. With a quick wash in the laundry tub it was just like new. I never had a zipper fail or a seam come loose. The detachable liner acted as a jacket when I went out at night and protected me from the early morning frost in Nogales. The 3M reflective piping provided lots of additional visibility at night. Thanks for making a great product!!

Kevan I, Nanaimo, BC


I was riding home from work today when I had to make a panic stop from about 35 mph. My front brake locked up on a small oil patch and the bike went down before I could react. The left side of my body hit the road first and I rolled once as the bike continued to slide forward about 10 feet. Fortunately, I was wearing Airglide jacket and pants. My left knee took the initial impact followed by my left hip and shoulder. The jacket and pants were torn up, but they thankfully prevented any serious injury. All I got was a bump on my knee and VERY minor bruising on my hip and shoulder. All I can say is I’m glad I was wearing Olympia gear and I will purchase your products again to replace the damaged ones. As an aside, many people have made positive comments about the visibility of the jacket. I feel much better with it on.

Ron P, Fairfax, VA


Heading north on HWY 3 out of Harrison, Idaho toward Lake Coeur d’Alene, as I was turning a corner, a deer came running from my left side and we hit. The deer died at the scene and I went off the bike and hit my head on the pavement and slid on the pavement. The Olympia Airglide Mesh jacket and pants did not leave a mark on me. The Shoei Quest helmet hit the pavement on the left rear side and I am sure that both pieces of equipment saved my life. I was going at least 45 mph and possibly faster when hitting the deer. I was not necessarily looking at my speed. My right side ribs are extremely sore but the jacket did what it was supposed to do. I am telling everyone about the gear that I was, and always will, be wearing.

John, Idaho


 “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” I purchased my Airglide Jacket last month to compliment my Airglide Pants that I wore last year while spending two weeks riding through Utah, Colorado and Montana. . . I had no idea how much these items would endure, or be subjected to, in the next ten days. Riding home after buying the jacket, I was subjected to a cold front with rain. With the jacket liner I was dry and comfortable. We then had two days with temperatures in the upper twenties and I continued to wear the Airglide Jacket with the liner. Two days after that we had temperatures in the low nineties and again the Air Glide jacket and pants exceeded my expectations – plenty of ventilation along with a great fit. Three days later and temperatures were back down into the upper thirties. It was very reassuring going to work and realizing that no matter what, I was wearing the right gear. If you’re looking for the perfect system for late spring to early fall riding, the Airglide combo is just right.

Chris D, South Central, PA


Yesterday, my son and I were riding near our home in Vermont when we hit an oil slick and I laid the bike down. Fortunately, we were wearing your Airglide jackets and pants. There is nothing I could have done to prevent it. We slid for some time. He was on his feet before I was. Neither of us sustained serious injury, just scrapes and bruises. The ONLY reason we did not sustain serious injury was due to your riding suits. The protector over my knee did exactly what it was supposed to do and kept my injury to a minimum. The spinal pad took the brunt of the back impact and allowed us both to slide for some time before stopping without injury. I am grateful to you in ways that I cannot adequately express in words. THANK YOU!

Gary M, Richmond, VT.


I wanted to send you guys a huge thank you! I was hit by a car yesterday while riding my motorcycle. I was wearing the Women’s Switchback jacket and Women’s Airglide 3 pants and I did not receive one bit of road rash. The armor in the shoulders, elbows, back, and knees totally did their job.

Nothing is broken (just very bruised, but that’s what I get for getting hit by a Buick Century, I guess) and I have all of my skin. Thank you so, so much for your quality products. Unfortunately, the paramedics had to cut my pants and jacket off of me, but I will definitely be replacing them with more Olympia gear. I would recommend your products to anyone in a heartbeat.

So, again, thank you so much for saving my skin and my body. I feel very lucky to have gotten away with as little injuries as I did and part of that is thanks to the performance of your products.



I’m writing to say thank you for creating excellent riding gear that is effective, affordable, comfortable and stylish. Effective is at the top of my list and here’s why… I hit a deer while riding my BMW GS on San Juan Island. While the bike was totaled, the deer was dead and I was airlifted to Bellingham, WA, my riding gear saved my life. The only road rash anywhere on my body was a small strip on one wrist between my glove and the jacket sleeve. I’m very grateful for the protection provided by my Women’s Airglide Mesh Jacket. It’s still my jacket of choice. The three layer system keeps me warm, dry and safe in the winter and the breathable mesh outer keeps me cool and safe in the summer. So, this grateful rider will leave you with the reminder to wear “All the Gear, All the Time” and Olympia is the place to shop. Thanks again!

Leslie G, Palo Cedro, CA


I want to tell you how much I love my ladies Airglide jacket! I bought it at the BMW rally in Sedalia. I ride an R1200gs. The jacket is visible and comfortable in a riding position. I bought the hi-viz yellow combo and love the features. Top of the line jacket!

Marsha H, Ft. Collins CO


I recently purchased an Airglide jacket and pants set by Olympia. I have to tell you I LOVE them. The fit is perfect and even on the hottest days I am comfortable in full armor. Thank you for that! The removable liners make it easy to go from the early morning cold, to sunny and hot afternoons AND they are waterproof! I appreciate the fact that Olympia has designed riding gear to fit a woman’s body. Until now a woman riders choices were limited to men’s designs. I have a closet full of riding gear that I have purchased over the years and I have to say nothing compares to my Airglides!

Cheryl B


Hi-Viz Safety Vest

While my experience is merely anecdotal and not at all scientific, when I began wearing your hi-viz safety vest I was simply dumbfounded at how the incidents of people turning in front of me, changing lanes into me, etc., dropped to nearly nothing. And several years of experience with the vest have shown that the effect doesn’t wear off with time – people see me. So I’m a believer. Thanks so much for listening, keep making great products for us!

Jim Z, Beautiful Downtown Odenton, Maryland


My girlfriend and I were on our KLR’s when we were headed out to Wasilla to have the bikes checked over for the upcoming riding season. About 20 miles out, I suddenly lost my air pressure to my front tire (blow out) and we were riding in the busy section of the main highway (Glenn Highway). Needless to say, I crashed the bike, as I could no longer hold it up and was thinking, “Oh no, lots of traffic behind me in both northbound lanes and this is not going to be pretty”. Thank God I wore your Hi-Viz neon yellow safety vest, as I lay on the inside lane with traffic coming up behind us. That vest saved me from getting run over as traffic quickly went around my bike and me. Now I will have to look into getting a replacement vest and it will be the same.

Vic. A, Anchorage, AK


I purchased your hi-viz vest about a year ago after seeing another rider wearing one. The quality is superior to anything else I have found on the market and it dramatically improves my ability to be seen while riding, day or night. Before the vest I had more than one close call from a motorist pulling out in front of me. Since I started wearing it, I have not had a single incident. Thanks for making such a great product.

Ted S, Yelm, WA


Odyssey One-Piece Suit

I have already commented on the Odyssey suit in respect to both its visibility and general weather protection but here is a comment that not many riders will want write about, and that its performance when you are tossed off the bike at around 60 mph. This happened to me the other day and I am happy to report that I survived without any drama. Good gear is the key to getting away with an accident, and in this case the suit did not expose my body to the road in any way. It did a sterling job in protecting my body. For the record I would recommend the Odyssey suit in every way. I hope the above helps somebody decide on a purchase as I have no qualms in recommending this protective gear.

Malcolm C, USA and UK


I recently purchased an Olympia Odyssey suit. I owned the suit for literally 1 week, and wore it for 3,000+ miles within that short time. The suit performed great. Unfortunately, I was involved in a collision with a bear while wearing the suit riding in the Iron Butt 5000 rally. The suit did its job, and I walked away without injury. Thanks for making a great piece of gear.

Brian B


I’m a first-time, rider who’s highly concerned with safety, so the hi-viz Odyssey suit looked like it was right up my alley. I haven’t been disappointed. It’s clear that somewhat inattentive (or sloppy) drivers see me coming and stop doing things like rolling through the stop signs. It’s also been great for winter riding. Last week I spent an hour cruising along in comfort in 25 degree temps — with just jeans and a t-shirt on underneath the suit and liner. Tons of pockets, loads of wickedly sticky Velcro, and a pretty good fit for what is really an off-the-rack piece of clothing. The suit is comfy to wear and definitely windproof when all the zippers and Velcro are closed. I’ve ridden a couple of times at 50 or 60 degrees and opened up the arms and chest for some ventilation. The suit ventilates nicely. External pockets are easy to open with gloves on and there are a bunch of internal pockets — both on the suit and its liner — for things like cell phones, wallets, etc. Finally, I plan on doing a fair amount of commuting with the suit and I’ve gotten in and out of it enough times now to know that it’s pretty easy to get it on/off while wearing regular work clothes. The trick is to zip the legs open all the way up to the hip so that stepping through the suit is simple and easy. All in all, a great riding suit backed up with super customer service.

David, Utah


Christmas came early for me today. I had been thinking of purchasing a one-piece suit and when I came across the Olympia Odyssey, I thought I would give it a go. I have gone for the dashing bright yellow version as I do a lot of late dark night miles coming home from work on country roads and through the winter with lots of drivers who keep saying sorry mate, didn’t see you, so thought this was the safe option. I do a lot of miles here in Scotland and the weather can be very unforgiving at times. One moment wet, the next cold and if you are driving for a long time the sun will come out from time to time. You will end up taking off or putting on differing layers depending on the conditions. The Odyssey suit comes into its own here as it is well ventilated and comfortable to wear with or without the inner suit depending on how cold it is. I normally wear it with just my ordinary work clothes in the autumn. Now that it’s a lot colder, I also wear the inner suit with a T-shirt and thick socks. I can say I have not been cold once. The suit has not let me down once in the rain and I have always arrived home warm and dry. I can only say that I am very impressed with the quality and the performance of this suit. I have been riding for nearly thirty years and have worn all kinds of motorcycling clothing. I really like this one piece suit for its comfort and it does keep you warm and dry. If you are looking for a good all round touring suit or a one-piece suit for everyday use I would add this to your wish list.

Ian R. T., Scotland


I just wanted to say thanks for creating the Olympia Odyssey suit in neon yellow. I’ve used mine for heavy duty travel for several months now on California highways as well as for fast travel in Nevada. Whether it is hammering over the Sierra summits or threading through grid-locked highways, this is one of my favorite purchases in over 35 years of riding. Worth every penny and then some. The fluorescent color works great – I can see right away how the cagers around me can see me (for a change). The quality is outstanding too. I expected it to be bright, but I didn’t expect it to be this well-made – the best! I have to say it takes some getting used to if I’m going into a store where civilians inevitably gawk at the bright color. I don’t care. I want to keep riding as long as I can and whatever I can do to load the dice in my favor to stay visible I will do, and this does the trick better than anything I know. It works especially well in rainy or overcast weather, when I am by far the brightest thing on the highway. I bet you are going to save some lives with this suit, and that is something serious you should be proud of. The suit is easy to get into and out of (thanks for the extra long zippers!) and fits great over my work clothes. I ride a black BMW K1200S and I appreciate the good aerodynamics for faster cruise speeds. Way to go! Thank you!

Dimitri R, Incline Village, Nevada


I’m dropping you a line to let you know about my experience with my new Odyssey suit. I love it!!! I got a chance to spend a long day on the bike and get acquainted with the suit. The temperature ranged from the low 50′s to the upper 80′s and I must say that w/o the liner and the vents all buttoned up I was quite toasty riding in the cooler temps. I can safely say that once the cold weather hits, riding with the liner in will produce the same results. As the temperature rose, vents got opened. I especially appreciate the arm vents; they’re nice and long and really make a difference when on the move. When I add the chest and back vents, I’m very comfortable as the temps climb. The air flows through the suit nicely, but not so much that the back of the suit balloons. The suit is very comfortable on the bike. I feel less restricted than I ever have with 2 piece suits and the legs are long so they don’t ride up on my boots. Custom tailored suits are nice, but the way my weight fluctuates, I’ll forgo the expense and use the various straps on the Odyssey to tweak mine as necessary. I haven’t ridden in the rain with the suit yet, but I had my teenage daughter blast me with the garden hose fully decked out in all my gear and after about 15-20 minutes I hadn’t discovered any leaks. Thank you for producing an affordable riding suit that’s chock full of features. I now have a closet full of used textile gear for sale if anyone is interested!

Ray K, Boise, ID


I had been planning to purchase a one-piece riding suit for some time now and after seeing a brief write up in a major motorcycle magazine I decided to purchase the Odyssey suit for an upcoming trip to Rhode Island to visit my daughter. Fit and finish was very good. Plenty of venting, pockets and armor protection in all the right places. After some 3500 miles on this trip I feel I can make a statement on this suit. I normally wear a size large but ordered an XL instead. Reason? For cold weather this leaves enough room for added insulation (over the supplied liner) without restricting the insulating air space. Also in hot weather this allowed for air to circulate inside the suit and keep things cool. I experienced temps from the high 90′s to the low 70′s. At the upper end at a dead stop things did get a little warm. At no time did it get as warm as a full leather suit in the same condition. Face it, everything is a trade-off. Once above 20 mph the air flow got things comfortable again. In lower temps, it was a simple matter to close off some of the vents to keep things in the right temp range. Comfort of the suit under these conditions was excellent. Thank you for an outstanding product.

Rick H, Baton Rouge, La.


I live in Sydney in Australia and I use my bike for two very different things – during the business day I use it as transport around the city going from meeting to meeting as a business consultant for which I wear a suit and tie. During my holidays and weekends I use my bike for adventure touring on smaller country roads or National Park roads. Up until recently there were three things that annoyed me about using my bike. – Firstly, having to gear up took me almost as long as it took me to actually get anywhere on my motorbike. – Secondly, when I’m on the road touring I have limited luggage capacity; anything that is unnecessary or bulky is a real pain. – Thirdly, stupid car drivers who think that motorcyclists are targets for them to aim at! About a month ago I took delivery of an Olympia Odyssey one piece riding suit…Well! I have to say Kevin and his merry men and women at Olympia have done a fantastic job! With all the zips and flaps on the suit I simply unzip 3 zips on my suit, step into it, zip it up, throw my helmet and gloves on and I’m off – Takes about 1 1/2 minutes from “suit and tie man” to “Motorbike man”. It goes over the top of whatever I’m wearing so I can go anywhere and appear as a completely normal person at the other end! I don’t understand why every bike commuting business person hasn’t got one of these. It seems really well made and robust and although I haven’t had it out in really cold weather it certainly keeps me warm on chilly days. Don’t tell the people at Olympia this, because they might put the prices up, but for half the price of the BMW equivalent, it’s an absolute steal! So all I can say is thanks to the Olympia guys, you’ve solved two of the most annoying things about motor biking for me…… now what are you doing about the stupid car drivers?

Keith in Australia


Horizon Rain Gear

I was drawn to your Horizon rain gear from the first time I saw it online and I’m very happy I persevered and finally found one of your dealers willing to help me out in purchasing the Horizon gear. Since getting home I’ve had a couple of opportunities to put the gear to the test with good results, but none as testing as the weather Sydney has experienced over the past two weeks. Sydney has just had its wettest weather in the past 6 years, with rain that has varied from annoying drizzle to absolute downpours that last an hour or more. Throughout all this rain I’ve continued my hour each way commute, wearing my new Horizon rain gear and I can report that I’ve been 100% bone dry at the end of each trip. I’m very happy with the Horizon rain gear and am equally happy to recommend/promote your product to anyone seeking good quality and effective rain gear at every opportunity.

Larry M, Sydney, Australia



Far too often the only feedback manufacturers or sales staff gets are complaints about their products or service. I want to deviate from that trend. I purchased this jacket after much debate over leather (which I’ve been wearing ever since I started riding) and the overwhelming selection of textile-based jackets. I was not sure I’d feel comfortable in a textile jacket but the sales rep reassured me that I would not be disappointed, in particular with the Olympia gear. Well, he was right. The jacket fit me like a comfortable pair of jeans (wait, I thought I bought a jacket!) with features that make it a truly versatile bike accessory. I’ve worn it riding in the cold, in the rain, in the heat and have always been comfortable and protected. Being a Thomas, I doubted that a jacket could be perfect so I started getting very picky on my evaluation from all perspectives. My observation – it is the PERFECT jacket! It’s so well made, durable and comfortable that I’m not likely to buy another one in a long time (barring an accident). This is not good for business, but perhaps I’ll convince my friends to help out in that regard.

Chris T, Ontario, Canada


I purchased a transition Jacket & Ranger Pants about this time last year. I am impressed with the thoughtfulness of the design, the excellent quality, and overall value. I decided yesterday that today would be the day I would test how well my Olympia gear handled the cold on my 45 mile commute. I live in the Northeast. This morning I left for work at 6:40 AM on my 2008 BMW F800ST. The outside temperature ranged from 33 to 37 degrees on my route. At the speed traffic was moving, I estimate wind chill at about 16 degrees Fahrenheit. All the way in I was completely comfortable in my Olympia gear, and that is without putting the liner in the pants! I did have the liner in the jacket though. The only “problem” I had was that my feet got a little cold. Not too bad, but next time I’ll wear some warm socks. Thank you for providing such exceptional gear at a price that definitely gives a person their money’s worth! I am a customer for life.

Bob H, Newington, CT


I’m not prone to gush over recent purchases, but in the case of my new transition Jacket, a few words of praise are deserved. In short, the jacket does everything it is designed to do perfectly; i.e. give the rider the versatility to be safe and comfortable in extremes of weather… while looking’ good! Traveling northern Michigan can be an exercise in weather extremes. The cold waters of the Great Lakes, and fast moving frontal systems make things interesting. My recent trip started with the jacket closed up, and electric heated liner on underneath. It ended with temperatures in the nineties and all panels and zipper vents open. I was perfectly comfortable at all times. Moreover, the quality of construction and materials is excellent, as is the fit. I wear a medium in most things and the medium jacket fit well; and when adjusted using the various straps, was perfect. Well done.

Ken H



I thought I’d drop you guys a line to thank you for the excellent gear. Last year, I was involved in a pretty severe wreck and I was wearing the Dakar jacket and Airglide pants. Thank God I was. While doing 60 mph in a hard left corner, a kid pulled out of a driveway without even looking or stopping. I hit pavement then gravel and tumbled into the woods. My 650 pound BMW GS Adventure followed me and landed straight across my back. I was pinned. The kid who caused the wreck stopped and lifted the bike off me and at my request, snapped a few pictures. Every piece of armor took a hit. My shoulder and hip took the brunt of the tumbling impacts and one of the reasons I chose Olympia over other mesh gear was the fact that it has hip armor. The left shoulder of the jacket was scuffed badly, but was not torn. The most impressive thing was the back armor. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without the jacket’s armor, my spine would have been snapped instantly. In all, I suffered compression fractures in 3 vertebrae, some bruising above my hip and a pulled shoulder muscle. There was not a drop of blood. The gear did exactly what it was intended to do. If the medics had not cut the gear from my body, I would still be wearing it after a good cleaning. It’s great stuff.

Steve C


I want to thank Olympia for making the products that you make for motorcycle riders. On January 19, 2015, I had an accident while riding my motorcycle that proved to me just how great Olympia products truly are.

On January 19, 2015, at about 4:15 am, I was riding my motorcycle, a 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100, to work.  I was riding on FM 67 about 5 miles west of Covington, Texas, when a wild hog hit my motorcycle on the right side, which caused me and the motorcycle to go down and crash.  The speed of the motorcycle at the time of the accident was about 55-60 miles per hour; the speed limit in the area is 60 MPH.

I was wearing an Olympia jacket and pants when the accident occurred.  The Olympia gear I was wearing did its job to protect me.  I went down on my left side and slid; it wore a couple of holes in the left arm near the elbow and scored and scratched up the coat in several areas.  Thankfully none of the abrasions went all the way through.  I suffered no cuts, scratches or scrapes due to the Olympia gear that I was wearing.

During the course of my wreck I got a triple compound fracture of my shin bone just above the ankle and I broke the other lower leg bone in one place (a separation break).  I know that no apparel or boots would have prevented my broken bones.

I bought my Olympia jacket in the summer of 2008 and at the time of the wreck I had about 50,000 miles on the jacket and it was in very good condition, it still kept me dry when caught in the rain on my rides to and from my job which is a 98.6 mile round trip.  My Olympia Ranger 3 pants were new; this was their first trip to work.

I want to thank you again for the very good products that Olympia produce for motorcycle riders to wear.  I am a firm believer in wearing protective gear every time I ride, and this practice served me well.  The Olympia riding gear that I was wearing at the time of my motorcycle/wild hog wreck served me well and I know it minimized my injuries.  Thank you so very much; I am a very satisfied customer.

Carl W., Covington, TX



Just wanted to say THANKS for providing top quality riding gear.  A medium speed low side in a roundabout left me body surfing down the road between my bike ahead and the bus behind.  I avoided both and my (5+ year old) Ranger jacket and pants did their job.  Scuff marks, a couple of small rips but nothing more - and no marks on me!  Lucky I know, but without quality gear the result would have been much different.

Talmadge W., Houston, TX


Since receiving the jacket two weeks ago, I have traveled to Hamilton, Ontario and back, and that also included a separate trip to Michigan and back. To coin a phrase…”Where has THIS been?” The jacket has simply performed flawlessly. I have ridden in cooler weather, hot humid weather, and even rain in the two weeks I have worn this jacket. The vents work very well, and it’s light enough that the jacket allows the air to flow around me, keeping me much cooler than my leather counterpart. The waterproof ability of the jacket was put to the test yesterday during a heavy downpour. The jacket kept me totally dry allowing me to find shelter from the thunderstorms that were approaching. The armor in the jacket is positioned perfectly around each area, allowing me greater movement. I like that the arms have some additional skid protection on them. The vents are easily opened and closed, and I really like having the arm vents on TOP of the arm, because I can vent the jacket much better with those in that position than the more traditional jackets with the vents under the arm.

Boomer, Iowa City, IA


The Real Iron Man Jacket: Five years and over 60,000 miles in one jacket and still going STRONG! This jacket has carried me to every state in the Lower 48 and across Canada while keeping me dry, warm and safe. I use the entire setup including Olympia pants; I shop every year for an upgrade but find nothing better for the money. Excellent armor, firm stitching, great quality and VISIBLE. I don’t just like this product – I live with it on long runs, sleep in the waterproof under liners when cold or wet, and proudly wear them around town because they look good.

Mike F, Houston, TX


I recently purchased the Ranger jacket but had the opportunity to put it to the test on a motorcycle ride this past Memorial Day weekend. The jacket performed flawlessly, kept me dry in the thunderstorms, warm in the mornings, and the venting allowed near perfect airflow during the warm afternoons. Earlier this spring I was wearing it with the dandy removable liner in temperatures just above freezing and found I no longer needed my heated liner jacket; the jacket was more than warm enough! I also own the Olympia Ranger 2 pants and no complaints in that department either! Thanks Olympia! Keep up the good work!

John B, Juneau, Alaska


I bought my Olympia jacket several years ago and have worn it for well over 150,000 miles of riding. It is, quite simply, the very best riding jacket I have ever worn, and I have been riding for over 50 years, so that is saying something significant. It’s been in almost every state in the union including such varied climates as Florida and Alaska and has performed flawlessly in all of them. Excellent venting, fine liner, holds out the rain and keeps me warm when necessary. It’s still going strong and I expect to wear it for lots more miles. Thanks for a terrific product.

David W, Cedar Falls, IA