Frequently Asked Questions

Do Olympia products come with a warranty?

All Olympia products come with a one-year warranty. Should a warranty claim arise, the consumer can return the product with proof of purchase to their dealer. The dealer will then return the item to OMS for claims evaluation. If Olympia deems the item to be defective it will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the consumer.

Does Olympia ship directly to consumers?

We do not ship our products to consumers as we prefer to support our loyal dealer network. Due to an individual’s variance in height and weight distribution, it’s always best to try on riding gear before you purchase. However, if there are no dealers in your area, many of our dealers sell our products online.

Can my pants be hemmed?

Absolutely. We refer to our pants as EZ-Hem because the side leg zippers stop six inches short from the bottom hem; therefore an alteration fee is minimal.

One important note before altering – be sure that you’re fitted for length in a seated position and to utilize the do it yourself adjustable knee protector positions.

Is there an electrical cord passage in the one-piece suits?

In an effort to keep this suit as water tight as possible, we elected not to puncture the outer shell or membrane. Many riders have made a small incision through the membrane and pocket lining at the hip area and run their cords out the side entry zipper pocket.

Does Olympia offer Custom Sizing?

We do not offer custom sizing. However, Olympia gear offers more adjustability than any other brand in the market. Shorter riders can utilize our Velcro cuff closures, our EZ-Hem bottoms and do-it-yourself adjustable height knee protectors; while taller riders will appreciate that our jackets are cut with generous sleeve and inseam lengths. We also offer extra Cordura® fabric at no charge for those who need to add extra length to their trousers.

Does Olympia Offer a Repair or Alteration Service?

Olympia will repair or replace any defective gear as covered under our one-year warranty. If a rider is responsible for damage due to excessive abuse or an unfortunate get off, the gear will need to be repaired by their local tailor, seamstress or dry cleaner.

We recommend that alterations should always be done locally to ensure a proper fit, and do not offer them at this time.

Waterproofing tips:

We do our best to make our gear as water tight as possible, but experienced touring riders will tell you nothing is 100% waterproof at high speed and in extreme downpours for prolonged periods of time. Here are some recommendations for staying dry in your Olympia Moto Sports gear:

Spray the entire outer shell with a 3M Scotchguard spray every few months for added water protection. Take special care when spraying the areas of products with rubberized chest and arm zipper vents.

Be sure that products with chest and arm adjuster straps are not pulled too tightly when in a closed position.

Be sure all zipper vents are carefully covered by the chest pocket and overhanging arm and back flaps and all double storm flap systems are lapped over smoothly.

For products with inside exterior storm flaps, the flap must retain its folded edge and completely cover the front zipper in order to be effective.

It’s also essential that the V shaped interior front fly gusset be lapped over smoothly before zipping up the trousers.

How to care for your gear:

Quick Method – Jacket and Pants Outer Shells and Liners

For heavily soiled garments, pre-treat with Simple Green Degreaser. Similar pre-wash sprays such as Shout or Oxi Magic are also effective but we find Simple Green gets the best results. Be sure to follow the10 to1, water to spay dilution ratio recommended by Simple Green. Spray a light coat over the entire surface and gently work in with the soft and rough side of a dish sponge. Next, rinse off the garment with a garden hose, then pat dry with a towel and let hang dry away from direct heat. As the garment will not be totally submerged in water, it is acceptable to leave the protectors in place while washing. After the garment is dry, shoot the interior with a generous coating of Febreze anti odor spray.

Hand Washing – Jacket and Pants Outer Shells and Liners

For heavily soiled garments, pre-treat with Simple Green Degreaser or a similar pre-wash spray as recommended above. The shell can then be submerged in a mild solution of Woolite and Luke warm water for gentle hand washing. Be sure to remove all the protectors before washing. After washing, pat dry with a towel and let hang dry away from direct heat.

Caution – Machine Washing and Drying or Dry Cleaning

Machine washing and drying and dry cleaning is not recommended for our out shells and the majority of our liner systems as this will break down the micro bead technology found in the 3M Scotchlite reflective trim and the heat sealed seam tape used on our waterproof garments.

Exceptions for Machine Washing and Drying or Dry Cleaning

As the following items are not constructed with waterproof seam seal heat tape and do not include reflective detailing, they can be machined washed on gentle cycle in mild detergent and placed in a dryer on a cool temperature setting. Dry cleaning is also acceptable. Ranger liner jacket, Ranger liner pants, Promax liner pant, MotoQuest soft shell liner jacket plus the removable quilted insulation layer for the Airglide, Alpha, Dakar, MotoQuest and Expedition jackets.