Unequaled Quality, Value, Function and Style

An educated consumer is our best customer and they’ll tell you that not all riding gear is created equal. As American and European brands continue to flood the market, they battle for increased market share and distributor price wars intensify. Superior craftsmanship and true abrasion resistant materials are often sacrificed to achieve lower manufacturing costs and increase corporate profits. As a family run business focused on customer satisfaction, we believe this strategy should never be applied to protective riding gear and corporate profit should never trump integrity of design. We adhere to the premise that it’s not always about price, but what you actually get for your money. A quarter century of design and manufacturing expertise allows us to work factory direct while controlling all aspects of design, marketing, sales and distribution in house. We use savings generated from low overheads to enhance our products and control pricing. Our quality level and product features far exceed brands selling at similar and even substantially higher prices. OMS gear is sized to fit North Americans and our custom fit detailing offers unmatched levels of adjustability. Simply put, OMS delivers an unequaled combination of quality, value, function and style.

Plus Incredible Rider Satisfaction

Kudos to all our  fellow riders who’ve made OMS their riding gear  of choice.  Thanks for doing your homework and for helping spread the word.  Your satisfaction remains our number one concern. For future OMS customers, be sure to check out the testimonial section of our website for more unbiased feedback like the email we received from Heidi E below. Folks, we just can’t make this stuff up. I just wanted to thank you for making some of the best motorcycle gear I’ve ever seen. My father in law was in an accident this weekend, (of all things he hit a black bear) and if he wasn’t wearing your gear he wouldn’t be with us today. He cut the bear in half and flew 463 feet before sliding to a stop. He’s banged up but alive and it’s due to the fact he had his gear on. The police, doctors, EMT’s all said he wouldn’t have made it if he wasn’t wearing your gear. He does plan on riding again – can’t seem to keep him down. You make a great product, please keep it up. Thanks again for all you do. Heidi E Morgantown, WV

Owner Designed and Tested

As avid touring and dual sport riders, we understand the challenge of being thousands of miles from home, with just our bikes, and the gear on our backs to depend on. As the official apparel sponsor for MotoQuest Tours, we’ve been blessed to explore the globe and test our gear with their team of ace international guides. From the back roads of Alaska to the mountains of Peru to the northern most island of Japan, OMS sets the benchmark for quality riding gear. So whether your heading cross country or cross town, you can count on OMS to deliver outstanding quality, value, function and style. We take personal pride in every product we deliver and customer satisfaction is our number one concern. Ride with OMS and you’ll always stay “Ahead of the Curve”.